Centrally located.
Perfectly designed.
Scalable for the future.
Move-in condition.

We have been presented with an incredible opportunity to build our future by purchasing a perfect property for our community Shul. 

Currently, our Shul is graciously hosted by Yeshiva Ketana. While we are grateful for this convenient arrangement, we have outgrown the space and are now constrained from functioning as a full-fledged Shul. Weekly minyanim and shiurim take place at local homes rather than in our own facility. School functions often conflict with shul activities. It is an untenable arrangement for a growing community.

To fully accommodate Inwood’s projected growth, we must take advantage of this once-in-a -lifetime opportunity. The building is almost perfectly suited for our community’s needs, including space for children’s programs, a Simcha hall, Shiur rooms, and ample parking on site. Please take part in building the Five Towns’ future by joining this exciting project today.